Update on our Status & Future of Roopkotha Studio

It has been a long time since we last posted any updates! Just to clarify things, Roopkotha Studio is still alive and kicking. Last year, we took a hiatus from development for private reasons. This year, we should be getting back into game dev. Here’s what has happened in late 2021 and what we have planned in the future:

Recently, we’ve been learning to use the Godot game engine, which is what we plan to use for our future projects alongside Unity.

We believe that quality is also a determining factor of how well the game plays, a important one to be exact. As such, we’ve decided to unlist Robo-Terminator and The Victory from our website and itch.io. However, their source code will remain up on GitHub. It’s possible that when we have the resources to flesh them out even further, they may be rereleased. But for now, only time will tell.

Roopkotha Studio is still a two-man development studio, led by Wasik Farhan Roopkotha and Cynthia Farheen Risha. We plan to grow our team and have a proper office, sometime in 2022 or 2023.

Did you know that we actually had a few planned projects such as Risha’s Haunted House, Astro Runner, Space Collider 3D, and the major Defend the Earth update?

We don’t have any plans to revisit Risha’s Haunted House at the time. We plan to restart development on Astro Runner this year, using Godot instead of Unity. As for Space Collider 3D, that’s uncertain. Perhaps when our spaceships are upgraded to optimal levels, we might just be able to realize that idea? The major update for Defend the Earth has been left in the dust for the most part. If we do decide to pick it up again later, not all of its planned changes may be added.

And that concludes our update on Roopkotha Studio and its future. We are hoping that 2022 will be a brighter year for us, with game development picking up again. I would like to thank you for reading all the way to this point. For this, you can have some fun facts about our games:

  • Risha’s Haunted House’s development first started in 2015. It was originally going to use Unity, before moving to Multimedia Fusion 2.
  • Defend the Earth remains our most downloaded game on Google Play. We estimate that it has been downloaded over 60k times.
  • Alien Battles was relatively underperforming in terms of downloads and popularity.
  • The Victory’s development goes as far as back to 2015, initially being developed on Roblox. Its development was restarted sometime in 2017, before eventually settling on Unity in 2019.

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