A Retrospective of the Past, In Honest Detail

As 2022 comes to a close, so does the mark of “Three Years With No New Game”. This is beside the main point of this post however, as it’s different from others in that it’s sort of a collection of my personal thoughts.

Regarding any new games, it’s better to keep in mind the following:

  1. Roopkotha Studio is comprised of one person. Solo development isn’t done as a job here.
  2. Game development is not magic. It involves programming, graphics design, sound creation, etc. Free graphics and sounds exist, but do not serve as an all-in-one solution.
  3. There is a game in the works, whose details may be shared later.

It might also be worth mentioning that around the time of my media coverage’s peak and after, I had put up with some unrealistic expectations like making more and more games and having a lot of games released in general. Anyways, the next part will delve into some of my games.

You might have heard in some news articles that I have “developed 10-30 Roblox games”. While this is true, much of these games were either just empty places, don’t really fit into the game category, or intended for groups and/or friends. A 2015 article which is no longer available did say that I “collaborated with the SCP Foundation to make science fiction games” but really, it was just me making a few Roblox places about them and no one from that wiki was contacted.

I should also mention that I once said “Risha’s Haunted House is 99% complete!” at a speech in 2015. Now that I look back on it, it wasn’t really true and the engine of choice wouldn’t have been suited to what was planned for it anyway.

To be honest, I didn’t really think much of all the media coverage around my games in 2019. At the time, it was a wonder to have actually released a game. Though in my later years, I came to realize that a unhealthy part of it was needing to be added by people from news agencies. Onto the last 2 games that I released, and 3D ones at that…

In hindsight, Robo-Terminator and The Victory should absolutely not have been released in their current state. They would have been more ambitious in terms of content and features. As for the releases, they were essentially prototypes marketed as a new game at most.

Robo-Terminator being released the way it was can be attributed to two factors. Attempting to capitalize on that fame even further, and the slightly growing pressure to release more. But here’s a fun fact, Robo-Terminator was planned to be a sci-fi TPS.

The Victory is what you get when you take someone with the bare minimum experience with game development in general, throw money at them like it will magically create parts of the game, and then having to rush them at the last few days to cobble together a prototype that looks just slightly close enough to what you asked for after 5 years.

There are more parts to this pursuit for short-term fame, which I don’t want to talk about in depth on this post. In short, it’s attempting to make more games and giving up on them, getting supposedly contracted by Symphony to develop a game for their phones and also giving up on it, and a game about the Coronavirus.

While older news articles can be about as amusing or jarring even, there isn’t much to go off on about them besides the fact that some apparently needed to mention using emulators like it’s a feat and that some say “he uses C and C# programs with efficiency”.

As I grew, I found myself resenting bits of the news articles about me and just accepted that it’s better to pursue my own path in game development, at my own pace. I found myself questioning if Space Collider and Defend the Earth would have blew up as much as they did if they were made by others with proper marketing, not just with various connections to news agencies. Finally, I wasn’t that much of an expert in various programming languages.

So, that concludes this retrospective. While this may seem out-of-place for this website’s news, I also felt that I needed to get this out here and that clearing up bits of the nature around the various media coverage about me would do. Thank you for reading if you’ve got to this point.